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Embark on the Hunter’s Journey with a brand new have a look at Monster Hunter Wilds – PlayStation.Weblog




PlayStation followers! We’re again once more with one other thrilling have a look at Monster Hunter Wilds, coming to PlayStation 5 in 2025. Within the trailer simply revealed at Summer season Recreation Fest 2024, we’re sharing how we’ve developed the searching expertise to seamlessly join the tense storyline and Gameplay, leading to essentially the most immersive and cinematic searching expertise within the sequence.

When you haven’t but, check out our newest trailer under, which we’re calling “The Hunter’s Journey.” It shares a peek at an intense narrative-driven hunt by way of the Windward Plains and introduces model new monsters making their debut in Monster Hunter Wilds.

Embark on the Hunter’s Journey with a new look at Monster Hunter Wilds

New Doshaguma paintings revealed

Check out our newly launched paintings! Right here we see a hunter encountering a fearsome pack of Doshaguma within the huge Windward Plains, offering a style of the cruel environments and ferocious monsters you’ll be confronted with on the earth of Monster Hunter Wilds.

A brand new Leviathan slithers into Monster Hunter Wilds


The Balahara, a leviathan-type monster discovered within the Windward Plains, makes its debut in Monster Hunter Wilds.

This leviathan makes use of its serpentine physique to slither by way of the usually impassible jagged panorama with ease. The Balahara secretes a slick substance that permits it to greet any creature unlucky sufficient to wander into its territory with a salvo slung from afar.

Ever the crafty predator, the Balahara will typically burrow into the sleek desert sand and coil itself in wait, utilizing its versatile physique to create a pit of quicksand that may ensnare its prey.

Monstrous Turf Wars

The Forbidden Lands are an unforgiving area–Sparse in assets and plentiful in these comPeting for them. Violent clashes over territory are an on a regular basis incidence within the desert and never simply between the titans that inhabit it.

Within the launched footage, a pack of Balahara will be seen attacking a big Doshaguma, and we are able to see a Chatacabra underneath assault from a bunch of small monsters. Sure, even small monsters will be noticed defending themselves towards bigger predators in the event that they really feel threatened. Data of any such conduct can be utilized to your benefit. You should definitely preserve a eager eye in your environment so you’ll be able to act appropriately when the time comes.

Immersive, seamless connection between story and gameplay

The event crew is working to craft a narrative not like something seen earlier than within the Monster Hunter sequence, mixing a compelling and intriguing narrative with attention-grabbing characters to fulfill throughout your journey.

Right here’s a glimpse of the story instructed by way of a couple of cutscenes and Gameplay segments.

You’ll enter the position of a hunter appointed to the Forbidden Lands Analysis Fee.

Members of the analysis fee, together with the mysterious boy Nata, embark on an expedition into the Forbidden Lands.

Upon coming into the Windward Plains, the analysis fee encounters a pack of Balahara that decision the sandy soil of the Windward Plains residence.

Within the subsequent shot, we see the Hunter becoming a member of up with an unknown man underneath assault from the Balahara.

Because the Balahara assault, we see the motion seamlessly movement from cutscenes to gameplay.

Hunters can brandish their weapons whereas mounted atop their Seikret to discourage an approaching pack of predators, or the Seikret will be directed to keep away from monsters mechanically.

A hunter swallowed by quicksand.

 The Balahara tracks down the hunter and the battle begins.

A mysterious giant monster approaches…

The Windward Plains is a locale that showcases a wealthy and vibrant ecosystem stuffed with monsters, contrasted by the harshness of nature. Throughout your adventures, you’ll uncover the mysteries of this land and the monsters that inhabit it.

Amongst these harsh situations, you’ll must be cautious of the Sandtide, a violent sandstorm rife with lightning. Additionally within the trailer, there was a scene the place a big Mysterious monster was attacking a Doshaguma with lightning.

Monster Hunter Wilds guarantees to ship essentially the most cinematic and immersive story within the sequence’s historical past, the place story and Gameplay are seamlessly linked. We’ll have lots extra to share with you sooner or later, so we hope you keep tuned forward of the sport’s launch on PS5 in 2025.