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Elder Scrolls Online Player Recreates Shrek And Donkey




There is a character known far and wide that inevitably appears in every Game. He is large, green, smelly, and voiced by the talented Mike Myers, who probably didn’t think his career would peak at playing an animated ogre with a Scottish accent. I of course speak of the indomitable, the incomparable, and the invincible Shrek.

And now Shrek has arrived in Tamriel courtesy of Elder Scrolls Online player Broken_May23. They recently posted to the ESO subreddit this incredible Shrek cosplay featuring not only Shrek, but also Donkey and Princess Fiona in her human form. Sure, Fiona doesn't have blonde hair, and Donkey is carrying far more luggage than he'd ever agree to in the real Shrek universe (also known as the Shrek-verse). But Shrek himself looks pretty much spot on but for the weird antenna that just can't be replicated with ESO's Orcs.


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What you see above is actually a first-draft look at Shrek that gets even better with the more recent second attempt. This time Shrek is seen wearing dingy chainmail and leather that seems far more appropriate to his design. The picture is also taken in the Murkmire, an ideal location for Shrek.

Broken_Mau23 also has several other ESO cosplays that are worth showcasing, such as several God of War characters including Kratos, Baldur, and Thor, Guts from Berserk, He-Man and Skeletor, and the Carian Knight from Elden Ring.

Of course, the days of seeing Shrek as the pinnacle of Entertainment might be coming to an end. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish has received rave reviews and even an Oscar nomination. Admittedly, Shrek actually won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature back in 2001, beating out both Monsters Inc. and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, but that was 2001. The animated film category is a very crowded place these days, and if Puss in Boots picks up the win, we might be kissing our beloved ogre goodbye.

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