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Elden Ring Teased Shadow Of The Erdtree A Year Ago In A Random Tweet




Elden Ring's DLC was finally unveiled at the end of February, after a long year of speculation, rumours, and leaks. Fans were desperate to find out if it was coming, and if it was, what it would be. Shadow of the Erdtree, however, came as a surprise, especially since it was dropped on a random Tuesday, but it's been right under our noses this entire time.

As discovered by u/markymark9000 on Reddit, there was an Elden Ring tweet on March 11, 2022, that said, "You are the hope of the Golden Order, Tarnished. Your choices will shape the future of all who dwell in the shadow of the Erdtree."

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Just under a year later and Shadow of the Erdtree was revealed to be the DLC name. But all along, there was an innocuous tweet teasing the DLC right after Elden Ring launched. And given that it was so soon after its February 25 release, it's no wonder that nobody was immediately thinking of DLC.

The DLC has obviously been in development for a long time, so FromSoftware likely has known its name for a long time - even if it wasn't finalised. Given that it likely had the name all along, it makes sense, especially knowing FromSoft, that it would drop a vague hint in a tweet right after launch that nobody would even suspect was a hint, without ever mentioning it again. It's the Twitter equivalent of scouring item descriptions and finding a lore bombshell.

Maybe there's more tucked away in those random tweets that we can't possibly know about. Or maybe this was just a bizarre one-off. At any rate, we've still got some time before the DLC drops, and according to a report from earlier this month, we have Armored Core 6 to look forward to first.

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