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Elden Ring Streamer Beats First Three Bosses With One Finger




After more than a year traversing The Lands Between, it's probably safe to assume some of you are pretty good at Elden Ring. It's also safe to assume none of you are quite as good as MissMikkaa. The streamer has played the Game in a number of unique ways and is currently trying to play through the entirety of Elden Ring's story using just one finger.

MissMikkaa took a brief break from Elden Ring to play Resident Evil instead, something a few of us have been doing for the past week. The streamer booted Elden Ring back up yesterday though to begin what she has dubbed the One Finger Run.

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MissMikkaa's goal is to finish Elden Ring by using just one finger. Yes, it sounds impossible, but the streamer managed to beat the Game's first three bosses during a single session. You can see her taking down Margit with a single finger in the snipPet below. MissMikkaa uses her one finger to press buttons but strategically places part of her hand over the analog stick so she is actually able to move.

Some of you may have questions more specific than how in the blue hell is she doing that? In the replies, someone has questioned how exactly MissMikkaa is attacking without pressing R1. The streamer explained that she remapped the commands before starting her latest run, something you're able to do through Elden Ring's menu.

Those of you who have been following MissMikkaa's Elden Ring exploits will have seen her beat the Game and its bosses in other weird and impressive ways. Perhaps the best playthrough she has pulled off so far was when she beat two copies of the Game at the same time, one with a controller like a normal person, and the other with a dance mat like someone who really wants to make the rest of us feel bad about how terrible we are when trying to play the Game normally.

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