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Elden Ring Speedrunner Beats The Game Blindfolded In Just Over 2 Hours




Breaking games via exploits for speedrunning purposes is nothing new. But breaking FromSoftware games is an art. It's all the more satisfying when a game made to be difficult is reduced to dust thanks to a bit of research. However, there are some heroes who take things to another level – like Let Me Solo Her, who is attempting another herculean feat. The latest Tarnished to go down in Elden Ring lore is Twitch streamer Pennek.

Pennek has managed to finish Elden Ring while being blindfolded (thanks, GameRant). You may be wondering how someone could possibly finish such an expansive Game by not seeing where they're going. Well, Pennec didn't just guess his way across The Lands Between; instead, they broke the Game down into segments, traced a path to the next goal, and relied on memory to get there.

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You may also be wondering how Pennek managed to get past some absolutely brutal boss fights without looking at them. Here's where an exploit came in handy. It's a glitch related to Ghiza's Wheel, where you can trick the Game into applying its attributes to another weapon – in this case, the Serpent-Hunter spear. As you can see, this glitch allows them to absolutely melt any and every boss, including the Elden Beast. When counting only the time Pennek played blindfolded, their run comes to just a bit over two hours.

You may think this is not as impressive as playing the entire Game blindfolded and without tracing the route in parts, and you'd be right, but unless you're someone with an astoundingly good memory and spatial awareness, it's unlikely that it'll happen. Still, I wouldn't entirely bet against it – players have accomplished some previously unthinkable things in Elden Ring.

One player decided to turn the game into their very own open-world Pokemon battler by using only Spirit Ashes when combat is required. Another Tarnished wanted to go on a challenge run keeping their character as naked as possible. Of course, they could have just gone without any armour, but perhaps they weren't too sure of their skill and needed some armour, albeit revealing.

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