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Elden Ring's Sleep And Madness Symbols Have Become A Meme




Sleep and madness are no laughing matter in Elden Ring. Well, they weren't up until now. The symbols for both status effects have now become a meme more than a year after 2022's Game of the Year launched. Players have combined the two to poke fun at the blinding white screen they're met with each time they venture back into The Lands Between.

Elden Ring is a pretty dark and brooding Game. For the most part, its opening screens and menu prepare you for that overall mood. The FromSoftware screen is black, the screen showing the Elden Ring logo for the first time is black, but sandwiched between them is the brightest white Bandai Namco screen you've ever seen, or at least that's how it feels due to its placement.


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Super-Controbution-1 has used Elden Ring's madness and sleep symbols to represent how sitting through those screens feels via the majesty of memes. The closed eye symbol of sleep when FromSoftware's screen appears, the wide open eye of madness when Bandai Namco's blindingly white screen takes its place, and then a return to sleep when the title screen replaces that.

My eyes! They’re melting!!! from Eldenring

A pretty apt representation of how it feels to sit through those screens using elements of Elden Ring, or it seems that way until you read the replies. If you think about it, the sleep and madness symbols in the meme should probably be swapped around. You're able to keep your eyes open while the screen is black, and then it's the Bandai Namco logo's bright white screen that forces you to close your eyes like you've been affected by Elden Ring's sleep.

While the Elden Ring hype never really died down much at all during its first year, it was seriously ramped back up right after its first anniversary via confirmation it will be getting DLC. Its faNBAse has been busy trying to figure out what exactly the additional content will include, hypothesizing that the character on the horse in the DLC image is Miquella, and that the O in its logo may well signify Death Blight will have a significant role to play in the next chapter.

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