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Elden Ring's 5GB Ray-Tracing Update Goes Live Today




Elden Ring's 1.09 update goes live today and it's a big one. A laundry list of adjustments have been made and bugs fixed, but the leading reason today is an important one is because the hefty 5GB update has finally added ray-tracing to The Lands Between.

FromSoftware and Bandai Namco promised Elden Ring players ray-tracing would eventually be added to the Game before it even launched. Better late than never, and now those who want to can make Elden Ring's backdrop look even more stunning. Bandai Namco mentions in the patch notes that turning ray-tracing on in Elden Ring may lead to a drop in performance.

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How steep a drop that will be is unclear and will likely differ from player to player. As for how it looks, streamer Lance McDonald has taken the update for a spin. Apparently the ray tracing update has been designed to improve Elden Ring's shadows, but it won't alter the Game's reflections. Reflections tend to be the first thing players go to in order to test the effectiveness of a ray tracing update.

The streamer has shared comparison images detailing how Elden Ring looks with ray tracing on and off, claiming the difference is minimal. Still, it's certainly worth enabling the new feature for yourselves if you want to make the Game's backdrop look even better than it already does. It's also good to see FromSoftware clearly getting its Elden Ring ducks in a row before it reveals when exactly the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will drop.

FromSoftware celebrated the one-year anniversary of Elden Ring's launch a couple of days late by confirming its hit Game will indeed be getting more content. Since the reveal included a single image that gives almost nothing away, Elden Ring's millions of players have been busy trying to piece together theories ever since. Some believe Miquella is the one riding the horse, and others think the branches in the DLC's logo represent Death Blight.

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