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Elden Ring PSA: The Ghost Summoning Snails Can Eat Your Brain




Despite being out for over a year, Elden Ring is still surprising Tarnished the world over. The latest comes from a seemingly docile enemy that likes to summon spirits to harass you rather than fight on its own. I am of course referring to the Spirit-Caller Snail. However, it turns out that this particular snail doesn’t really need to summon spirits to do its dirty work--it’s perfectly capable of ending a Tarnished personally.

ZeroSama420 found this out the hard way in a recent foray into Spiritcaller Cave. The cave’s name comes from the astounding number of Spirit-Caller Snails which will summon wolves, soldiers, and Disciples of Okina to fight you. What you should be doing is ignoring the summons and searching for the snails since the spirits disappear as soon as the snail dies. ZeroSama420 seems to be fighting several NG+s deep, so we can forgive their need to eliminate the spirit of Okina in order to create an opening to find the snail.

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However, after finding the Spirit-Caller Snail, it leaps atop ZeroSama420 and plunges its long neck straight through their helmet, chewing the unfortunate Tarnished to death. It's a shocking display of aggression, especially since the snail typically just waves its little head around to control the spirits it summons.

"How is this my 7th playthru and I didn't know they could do this," ZeroSama420 asks. Many in the comments also noted they'd never seen the Spirit-Caller Snail attack like this, with some bringing up "flashbacks" of the brain suckers from Bloodborne.

According to Fextralife, The Spirit-Caller Snail also has a spit attack where it will "shoot a gob of harmful spit at you." The recommendation is to attack the Spirit-Caller Snail to keep it stunned, thus preventing it from both summoning more spirits and retaliating physically with its deadly grab attack.

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