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Elden Ring Players Think Melina Could Be Alive In Upcoming DLC




There's no getting around it, most of the people, creatures, and everything else you encounter in Elden Ring are out to get you. The one person on your side is Melina, a helpful NPC you meet near the very start of your journey. Poor Melina eventually dies, leaving you to finish your journey alone. However, some of you became so attached to Melina, you're now trying to figure out how she might be a part of Elden Ring's DLC.

If you're yet to reach the point where Melina leaves The Lands Between, the NPC eventually sacrifices herself to ignite the Erdtree, allowing you to move on with your story. What you might not know is there's a way to stop Melina from doing that, but it comes at a price. You will need to take her place as the sacrifice to light the Erdtree, and even though you'll be saving her life in the process, Melina will hate you forever.


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That's because in order to take Melina's place, you will need to get the Frenzied Flame from Three Fingers. That will break your bond with Melina, but it also means you can Travel to the Erdtree and light it yourself, no sacrifice needed. The DLC is called Shadow of the Erdtree, so it certainly makes sense that this part of the Elden Ring story may well be tied to it.

What the hell happened to Melina? from Eldenring

Not only that, but it would also explain why there appears to be a belief Melina will be an enemy rather than a friend during Elden Ring's next chapter. Some of you even think she might be a boss fight in the DLC. Now you know why she might want to exact revenge on players, and it's not because some of you figured out how to kill her at the very start of the Game.

The theories surrounding what exactly we can expect from Elden Ring's DLC will continue to swirl until it finally arrives. It seems a given at this point that Miquella will be tied to it in a major way as he appears to be the character riding the horse in the DLC image, and some of you also think the branches on its logo signal Death Blight will have a significant role to play too.

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