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Elden Ring Players Share Tips For A No-Death Run




There's a trajectory that every FromSoftware Game follows. After the initial hype and theories, the Game proceeds to break players. Then comes the first person to finish it, then the speedruns, and eventually, players begin breaking the Game in ridiculous ways. Of course, there are the glitches and exploits, but there are also heroes who manage to pull off Herculean feats to cement their place in History. A no-death run, while relatively common, is among these feats.

Since Elden Ring has a new DLC on the horizon, albeit with no launch date, players will probably want to get in the swing of things. The Game offers an NG+ mode, but some might want to take it to the next level by attempting a no-death mode. Of course such a task requires help and support, and Elden Ring Subreddit was on the job.

Breadley posted to the Subreddit, asking if anyone had tips for such a run, and to the surprise of many, the replies weren't filled with "don't die" or "git gud".

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"Don’t forget to use a Rune Arc as soon as you can, because it will be active the entire run," reminded FuturisticLizard. However, others noted that the Rune Arc's effects wear out when you swap Runes, so it's better to wait and activate it once you get a desirable Rune.

Fantastic_Wrap120 had a three-hit combo: "Upon start-up, run to all seed locations, get the Dectus Medallion, kill the sleeping dragon, and upgrade a Somber weapon to +5. That should all be possible before having to kill a boss," they said. "I recommend you go for Radahn and Godrick as shard bearers. For Radahn, cheese him with Rot arrows or Rot Dragon Breath. And keep away. Godrick's area is pretty quick and safe, and Radahn is just the boss fight. Less opportunities to die." They also recommended using the Sleep status effect against Godskin enemies.

Speaking of Herculean feats, Elden Ring community legend Let Me Solo Her is going to attempt a challenge that you'd have to be afflicted by Madness to try. They will stream a modded version of the Game where every enemy is Malenia.

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