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Elden Ring Player Manages To Beat The Game Without Walking




Most people have a hard enough time as it is trying to overcome many of Elden Ring's horribly mutated monsters, though there are some brave souls out there that like to make the Game even harder with self-imposed challenges that restrict certain weapons or abilities. I doubt you'll find any of these challenges trickier than what YouTuber ymfah has managed to pull off though, as they've managed to get through Elden Ring entirely without walking.

When I say walking, I'm refering to the act of controlling the character. The character still uses their feet and legs, though ymfah has managed to finish the Game without using the controller's left stick or a keyboard's WASD keys. They manage to do this by utilising certain skills and Ashes of War to get around, using the bandit class' light attack and Quickstep to move forward, and a whole lot of quitting out to avoid getting butchered.


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Even though that sounds fairly simple, taking down many of the Game's bosses presents much more of a challenge when you aren't able to quickly control your character's direction. That's where abusing spells, buffs, and summons comes into play, as a large part of ymfah's video shows them scouring The Lands Between in search for all kinds of resources to make their run viable in the first place.

To see how ymfah actually manages to pull off this feat, you're better off watching the video for yourself. It's just over an hour long so we can't talk about all the best bits here, but a few highlights involve ymfah buying a telescope in order to navigate the Roundtable Hold, climbing up the branches of a tree to jump over a castle's wall, and crossing a chasm with all sorts of different skills.

If you're a fan of these kind of runs, you can also check out ymfah's YouTube channel. It features a ton of similar runs in Games like Dark Souls 3 and Skyrim because this person clearly has a thing for self-punishment. At least it's entertaining though.

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