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Elden Ring Player Helps 3,000 Tarnished Beat The Final Boss




More than a year on from its launch, Elden Ring's community has been the key to keeping the Game popular and relevant. Whether it be talented players using unconventional controllers to beat the Game, or willing volunteers stepping in to help out those in need. One dedicated player has done that so many times that they just celebrated helping 3,000 people beat the Game's final boss, the Elden Beast.

Although the Elden Ring hero goes by the name supersaiyanvidel on Reddit, if you have met them or been helped by them in-Game, you'll know them as LetMeSoloThem. Here's where there may well be a little confusion. There's another Elden Ring player who helps those in need called Let Me Solo Her. Clearly, this new hero appears to have been inspired by their work.

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LetMeSoloThem took to Reddit to celebrate helping others beat the Game's final boss 3,000 times. A number of people they helped have even popped up in the replies, allowing them the chance to thank the player personally. Others have asked if they're not getting bored of doing the same thing over and over. The answer to that is a resounding no as LetMeSoloThem confirmed from the off that their next goal is to get their total up to 5,000.

Reached my goal of helping 3000 people beat the final boss of Elden ring! 5K is my next goal! 😁 love all you fellow tarnished! -LetMeSoloThem
by u/supersaiyanvidel in gaming

Now begins the debate as to who has done the most work for the Elden Ring community. While LetMeSoloThem has helped 1,000 more players than their inspiration, Let Me Solo Her exclusively helped people defeat Malenia. Widely regarded as Elden Ring's toughest boss even though your battle with her doesn't come right at the end of the Game like the Elden Beast.

If Bandai Namco gets word of LetMeSoloThem's work, they may bestow them with some sort of gift. Let Me Solo Her was given a package by the studio for their services to the Game last year. The pair might discover new ways to help their fellow Tarnished soon when The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC launches. Maybe we'll even see the pair team up and traverse The Lands Between together. Just a couple of unlikely heroes with pots on their heads helping anyone in need.

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