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Elden Ring Player Discovers Melina Can Be Killed From The Start




Melina, not to be confused with Malenia (why would they do that?), is a helpful Elden Ring NPC and one of the first to greet you when you begin your journey through The Lands Between. However, some of you bent on destruction, and unsatisfied with the endless enemies there are to slay throughout the rest of Elden Ring, have figured out how to hurt and even kill the Game's one guiding light.

Not only has someone figured out how to kill Melina, but they do it right at the start of the Game when you meet the NPC for the very first time. “Did you know you can kill Melina at the start of the Game?” jdyhrberg gleefully posted on Elden Ring's subreddit. Turns out not many people did know that, and the player has attached a video of them in the act proving it's possible.


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The Tarnished casts a spell right before Melina appears to greet them. A spell that does a little damage to the player who cast it, but a lot to poor Melina. The friendly NPC has barely begun her monologue when the fire overcomes her and she dies, leaving a beautiful tree of light in her place.

Did you know you can kill Melina at the start of the game? from Eldenring

If you want to replicate this cold-blooded killing yourselves, and I bet some of you do, you will need Fired Deadly Sin and the Blood Flame Weapon to make it happen. Don't worry, she doesn't stay dead forever and will be back the next time you need her help. Other players appear to be more interested in the Mysterious tree spell Melina casts as she falls. Replies to the clip have also made more people realize you can summon Melina to help you fight Morgott where she will also leave a tree in her wake if defeated.

Elden Ring has been making a lot of headlines this week after FromSoftware finally confirmed a DLC expansion is in the works. The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC was confirmed via a single image. That one image was enough to get players' imaginations working overtime as most are convinced the character riding a horse in the picture is Miquella.

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