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Elden Ring Player Creates "Furnace Trap" To Cook Invaders Alive




Ever since Elden Ring got its Colosseum update, we've seen a renaissance in PvP builds. There are so many viable strategies that it's rare to see two of the exact same invader builds in a row, and innovative new builds pop up all the time.

Perhaps the wildest I've seen in a long while comes courtesy of LordTexugo over on the Elden Ring subreddit. Their build involves turning themselves into an impassable wall and then trapping their opponents while cooking them alive.

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As you can see in the video below, LordTexugo is going for maximum toughness in their build. The Fire Prelate set makes the character extremely wide and also provides a ton of AC. Presumably, they have several damage-reducing talismans equipped like the Dragon Crest Greathshield and Pearldrake talismans. They'll also case Endure for increased poise, and drink an Ironjar Aromatic and Wondrous Physick whenever they can.


Built more than sufficiently tough, LordTexugo lures invaders into a confined space with only a single exit, then once inside, they spring the trap by standing at the exit and unleashing the Visage Shield's skill. Tongues of Fire is essentially a giant flamethrower attached to the front of the shield that spews flames while the player sits comfortably behind a wall of steel. Combined with the high poise and armor, LordTuxego simply keeps spraying fire while taking whatever punishment the invader can dish out. Unable to escape, the invader invariably perishes well before LordTexugo.

The post has already received over 25,000 upvotes, with many Redditors expressing support for this strategy. "This one sparks joy," wrote one Redditor, while another likened the invaders to being a lobster at a French restaurant. "Nice job on the creative way to torture people," they added. "It is very entertaining!"

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