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Elden Ring Legend Let Me Solo Her To "Take The Mantle Again" With The DLC




If you played Elden Ring back when it first launched, you'll no doubt be aware of who Let Me Solo Her is. The naked, katana wielding, pot wearing player attained legend status shortly after Elden Ring launched for helping players down Malenia, Blade of Miquella, a boss fight many consider to be the most difficult in the Game. They even managed to attract the attention of FromSoftware itself with their exploits, receiving a care package from the developer that contained an actual sword.

Let Me Solo Her has been a lot less active in recent months, revealing to GamesRadar that they've decided to play as a new character and explore more of The Lands Between, discovering things they've never seen even though they're "almost at 1,000 hours" played. However, like any good superhero story, it's very likely that Let Me Solo Her will don their jar helmet once again when the recently announced Shadows of the Erdtree DLC drops.

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"Everyone knows a Soulsborne DLC has the hardest boss, so yes, I'm hoping for a good challenge that's harder than Malenia," says Let Me Solo Her. "I fought Malenia because I liked her design and moveset. If I like the DLC's final boss, I will probably take the mantle again."

malenia from elden ring
via FromSoftware

Let Me Solo Her definitely isn't wrong on that account. Dark Souls 3 had Slave Knight Gael, Bloodborne had the Orphan of Kos, and the original Dark Souls had Artorias, so Elden Ring will undoubtedly unleash some nasty boss fight on us that is sure to be the downfall of many controllers. Whether or not it inspires Let Me Solo her to pick up the katanas once again remains to be seen, but we'll almost definitely need the help.

But as one legend potentially rises up again, another rests. While not as renowned as Let Me Solo Her, another Elden Ring player named JPNB has been defeating Malenia with a different build every week to manifest DLC. Now that DLC has been announced, JPNB can finally move on, having racked up a whopping 62 victories, each one using a different set of skills and weapons.

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