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Elden Ring Fans Make Up Lines For Silent Radagon




Elden Ring has a lot of great lines from some iconic bosses. Who can ever forget Margit, the Fell Omen threatening to "extinguish thy flame," or Malenia simply stating she has "never known defeat." And yet Radagon, the penultimate boss of Elden Ring, has nothing at all to say.

To be fair to Radagon, by the time you reach him, he looks more than a little worse for wear. It's possible he can't speak at all--he just lets his hammer do the talking. But to help him out, several Tarnished on the Elden Ring subreddit have brainstormed a few lines the silent leader of the Golden Order could utter if he were to ever find his voice.

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A lot of suggestions were great but didn't seem to fit the overall feel of Elden Ring. Yelling "you're a Radagoner" and "it's Radagover" are about as bad as: "Stop, Hammer Time." There's also the obvious Jojo's reference and complaining about how long it took you to reach him.

But then we get to some of the more in-universe suggestions, like this one inspired by Dragon's Dogma's Grigori. "Impressive, Tarnished. You’ve sought me out, and now the Elden Ring is at hand, shattered though it may be. But heed the lessons of those you conquered well. When the weak court death?" (Radagon lifts the hammer.) "They find it."

Or this entirely original idea from user Galilleon: "The Elden Ring shattered, mine own children astray, the Erdtree ablaze... As the land tears itself defiant, as it writhes asunder, all shall be melded back into its place. Witness firsthand, Lands Between, the will of the Golden Order."

A third suggestion that would have lots of implications for Elden Ring’s lore would be to have special dialog if you were to show up wearing Rennala’s crown and robes. Rennala was Radagon’s first consort before he ran off to be with Queen Marika (or you could say returned to) and it’d be interesting to see what Radagon would say to his jilted lover.

What do you think Radagon should say? Be sure to post your ideas to the original thread.

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