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Elden Ring Fans Discuss Why Alexander Keeps Getting Stuck In The Ground




Among the various NPCs you meet in Elden Ring, few are as trustworthy, loyal, and beloved as Alexander, the Iron Fist. While his brethren sit aside and play a passive role in the Game, he roams The Lands Between in search of the best combatants to duel against. Though – like most characters – his tale ends in death, he is one of the few who actually has a say in his death, and even meets it gladly. Despite this bitter-sweet ending, your first meeting with the Living Jar is rather lighthearted.

Upon one of your many excursions into The Lands Between, you'll come upon Alexander seemingly stuck in the ground, yelling out for help. Once you give him a hearty whack on the backside to get him out of the hole, he joins you in some of the toughest boss fights the Game has to offer – most notably, Radahn and the Fire Giant. But, despite being brothers in arms, he never quite tells you how he got stuck in the ground in the first place.


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Intrigued by this mystery, one player took to Reddit to ask just what in Marika's name Alexander has been doing to get himself stuck in the ground. Of course, Elden Ring fans will use even the smallest situation to come up with conspiracy theories, with one reply comparing the Living Jar to a cat. "The second hole he falls in is there before he falls in it, so I think that rules out the crater theory," said ManicStoic. "Maybe it’s more of a “if it fits I sits” situation."

Other theories suggested that he's been trying to fight the Fire Giant for a while now and keeps getting knocked out of the park. Another one says that he tried to do the spinning attack that Living Jars are known to do and managed to drill himself into the ground.

However, the most believable theory came from Hubble, who said, "I can only assume he was attacking something, and hit the ground hard enough that he made a crater he got stuck in. The generic “Running jump” attack the warrior jars do.''

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