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Elden Ring Fans Discuss What Boss Move They Want Turned Into An Ash Of War




One of the many reasons why Elden Ring is such a great Game is just how customizable your experience can be. Don’t want to be a knight in shining armor or a barbarian with a giant hammer? Then don the robes of a mage and wield magic spells so powerful they can decimate a regiment of soldiers in seconds (albeit with the risk of taking a random arrow and having to recoup your runes from your corpse). And even if you still want to wield a sword and shield, there are dozens of Ash of Wars you can equip to make your Tarnished unique.

Some of those Ash of Wars are more powerful than others, of course. Some are basic moves that equipment comes with already, while others are part of legendary weapons plucked from the corpses of bosses. Those Ash of Wars are the most powerful and impressive skills a Tarnished can wield, and it has some on the Elden Ring subreddit wondering what other boss moves they’d love to steal--I mean, borrow.


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Reddit user finnjakefionnacake asked, "You get to make one boss move into an Ash of War (that isn't already one). What are you choosing?" And in keeping with Reddit's democratic functionality, the top comment arrived from Cobeyswiss after a few hours of boisterous debate: "No one has said Radahn's meteor move. That would be insane."

The boss swinging his sword around.

Pretty much every Tarnished will remember Radahn's meteor attack. After being reduced to around half his total Health pool, Radahn will catapult himself skyward and the music will go silent. Then, a pinprick of light turns into a raging fireball that will utterly destroy anyone caught in the impact crater. The only option is for a Tarnished to flee on the back of Torrent.

There are quite a few excellent suggestions from this thread, but I'll number off the top seven for ease of reference.

  1. Radahn's Meteor attack
  2. Elemer of the Briar's telekinetic "sword bullshit."
  3. Godskin Noble's roll attack
  4. Hoarah Loux's powerbomb
  5. Astel's laser
  6. Margot's Faith hammer and dagger attack
  7. Crucible Knight's flying attack

Sadly, last weekend’s Elden Ring anniversary didn’t end in a DLC announcement, but there’s no reason these moves can’t appear as Ash of Wars in a new DLC. Cross your fingers, Tarnished.

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