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Elden Ring Fans Discuss Things New Players Can't Experience Anymore




Soulsborne Games change a lot after the first few months from launch. Broken weapons and gear get nerfed, unexpected workarounds and glitches get patched out, and quality-of-life tweaks begin to crop up. Elden Ring is no different, and now fans are looking back at all the things that brand-new players jumping into it now will never be able to experience.

One of the big ones is a controversy that happened not long after launch - the Volcano Manor walls. If you don't remember (or if it was before your time), players discovered a wall that would vanish after being hit 50 times. Countless conspiracy theories cropped up - it's a secret, it leads to a hidden area, it's hiding treasure (like illusory walls do), or it's DLC! Right, right? Nope, glitch. And it got patched out, so you can't try it anymore.

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Another big change is the Great Turtle Shell (read: Great DOG Shell, heathens). It's a medium-sized shield that had 100 percent physical block, making it one of the best in the Game. It even boosted stamina regeneration. Safe to say, it dominated the meta, until From Software patched it to make it a little less overpowered. RIP the Great Dog Shell.

You missed out on a fun mystery and a broken shield - it's a bit annoying, but there's a silver lining. If you start now, you don't have to deal with the old duo bosses, which used to aggro you two-on-one at the same time, relentlessly. The Godskin and Crystalian Duo were pains on release to fight, but now, one tends to hang back to give you space.

But you could also glitch past fog walls and fight bosses that wouldn't move, or stun Radagon into place and go ham. Swings and roundabouts, eh? The Mimic Tear has also been patched, so you can't just hand it Rivers of Blood and let it spam bleed attacks and carry you through every boss. It's still incredible, mind.

Worst of all, though, is losing that original rush of making a huge lore discovery, scrambling to the internet, and finding that nobody had talked about it yet. We were uncovering a wholly new world together, and that extended to the messages, forming in-jokes that spread out across the entire community. There's always the DLC to reignite that spark, at least.

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