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Elden Ring Fans Discuss The Most Terrifying Lore From Living Jars To Land Octopi




The world of Elden Ring is a pretty scary place. If it's not some white-masked dude accusing you of being maidenless it's a giant golden knight trying to take your head off or an even bigger dragon swooping in to eat you and a bunch of zombies. We're not even ten steps towards a demigod with a grafting fetish and I already wanna go home, dive into bed, and hide under the covers.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg for the terrors lurking in the Lands Between. Over on the Elden Ring subreddit, Tarnished are sharing scary stories about the most horrifying lore that you might have missed, starting with what might be the scariest enemy in the Game.

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No, it's not the revenant--it's the land octopus. That's according to user Kasta4, who dives deep into the tentacled horror's lore. "For me it's the idea that the Land Octopi reproduce exclusively by consuming humans. They even have a grab attack that looks to decapitate its victims to facilitate the process." It's not currently known why the Land Octopus needs human flesh to reproduce, only that its hunger for human flesh is unquenchable when it is burdened by eggs. It's also probably why Giant Land Octopi can be seen hanging from the ceiling waiting to ambush unsuspecting prey.


Another terrifying character in Elden Ring is Hyetta, the blind maiden that asks to be fed Shabriri Grapes in order to glimpse a distant light. Only, it turns out these "grapes" are actually eyeballs. In fact, one of the key items for her quest might be to feed Hyetta her own father's eyes. Hyetta has the same face and clothing as Irina, the stranded woman you'll come across on the Weeping Peninsula. Her father, Edgar, goes mad with grief after finding Irina dead, and you'll fight Edgar later in Liurnia of the Lakes. Defeating him will reward you with a Shabriri Grape, which you then feed to Hyetta, who is likely the possessed body of Irina. Gross.

Godwyn's fishy corpse, meat-filled Living Jars, and the Death Blight-spewing Wormface all came up as pretty terrifying, but Mohg's Palace probably takes the cake for the grossest and scariest part of Elden Ring. If it's not the lake of blood, the exploding blood zombies, or the blood-infested carion birds, it's Mohg himself and "whatever the hell Mohg is doing" with Miquella.

What’s the scariest part of Elden Ring to you? Be sure to let the other Tarnished know in the thread.

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