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Elden Ring Fans Discuss The Best NPC Squad To Take On The Lands Between




The Lands Between is filled with colourful characters – most of who want to kill you. The few that can be considered "friendly" aren't the most fun to be around, and over the course of the Game, may even end up dead. But, it behooves an Elden lord in waiting to try and help as many people as they can on the road to the Erdtree. While skilled in combat and magic in their own way, none of these NPCs truly has what it takes to become Elden Lord – not on their own at least.

Perhaps if four of them banded together to form a party, they would be able to take on the trials and tribulations on the way to the throne. That's exactly what the Elden Ring Subreddit was trying to figure out. "The NPC's put aside their differences and come together to put this crooked land to rights," wrote ComradeCornflakes, along with a collage of 16 NPCs. "Pick 4 members to assemble a party that will take on all the Land's Between has to offer."|


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The collage featured fan favourites like Alexander, Yura, Blaidd, Nepheli Loux, and Patches, but the replies included others as well. The most upvoted team, by feihCtneliSehT, featured Sorceress Sellen as the brains, Nepheli Loux as the Brawn, Blackguard, Big Boggart as the beauty, and Alexander as, well, the jar.

Certified_Fool went against their username and provided some good reasoning for their pick. "Gideon is a top tier candidate, but I for one feel that everyone is sleeping on Bernahl," they said. "He was the closest tarnished after yourself and Vyke to the Elden throne. In videos about every tarnished npc against each other he almost always ends up on top. Personally I go Bernahl, Alexander, Blaidd and Gideon."

Alexander and Blaidd, however, appear in most of the NPC teams mentioned in the replies. It seems that once you rush toward Radahn together at Redmane Castle, you're considered brothers in arms for life. Blaidd also proves to be a strong boss fight if things turn out a certain way, and Alexander is just charming as hell.

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