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Elden Ring Fans Are Wondering What's Up With The Sun




There are entire swords and spells devoted to the moon, items that reference the stars, but Elden Ring talks very little about the most important celestial body in the sky: the sun. That's quite the departure from the Dark Souls developer, where Solaire is a favorite character among fans and an even larger departure from real-life mythologies where the sun is often associated with the most powerful deities.

So what gives? Why doesn't Elden Ring care more about the sun? That's the question asked by a Redditor over on the Elden Ring subreddit, which has touched off a lively debate on why the sun has so little lore.

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Of course, that debate would start with references to Solaire, but after that, Elden_Gourde provides an excellent discussion on how the Erdtree largely replaced the sun as the object of veneration, even going so far as outshining the sun in the light it produces.

Isn't it strange how prominent the moon, stars, and meteors are... but the Sun has no lore?

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Besides the shining tree, there are few references to the sun in Elden Ring. One is the loathsome Dungeater, who wears a sun medallion on his armor. This is never explained explicitly, but Elden_Gourde suspects that this has to do with the sun symbolizing direction and Dungeater is simply "following his own sun." It's an awful sun that curses everyone and everything, but you gotta give Dungeater credit for following "his own path."

Another reference to the sun is Castle Sol located in the very northernmost part of the map. At Castle Sol, a ghost explains how Miquella attempted to resurrect Godwyn via an eclipse but was unsuccessful. Another can be found on the Sun Realm Shield which notes "the Seat of the Sun is long faded away," hinting at an ancient civilization that did in fact worship the sun. So it seems the sun still holds some power, but it's been so long that nobody understands how to access it.

User Govlum_1996 believes that these solar references will be expanded in the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC as the one teaser image shows the Erdtree being choked by death root, which is associated with Godwyn.

While we wait for more info on the DLC, Elden Ring's ray tracing update is here, and it hasn't exactly gone over well with fans.

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