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Elden Ring Fans Are Trying To Work Out Which Hero Godfrey Killed




Sometimes a great Game will come and leave just as quickly. Other times, it's so thought-provoking that everyone still talks about it over a year later. That's what's happening with Elden Ring. Fans are still digging into the lore to solve its unanswered riddles. The current question on everyone’s mind: which hero did Godfrey kill?

A thread on Reddit has kicked off a deep dive into the lore of Godfrey and Castle Morne. Specifically, user Over_Web_2341 wants to know who the hero of Castle Morne that Godfrey defeated is. This mystery stems from information that can be found across the Game, like at the sword monument found near the castle. This monument tells us: "The siege of Castle Morne / A lone hero fights for his vengeance / Only to fall at the hand of Lord Godfrey."


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Beyond the Weeping Peninsula monument, this elusive and unnamed hero is mentioned in two items: the Grafted Blade Greatsword and the Brick Hammer. The former, found in Castle Morne, is described as "The stories sword of Castle Morne. A revenger's weapon". It also tells us of "A lone surviving champion from a country now vanished", likely the hero in question. The latter can be found in Stormveil Castle and it's said that it was "Wielded by a laborer who lead a rebellion, and later became a champion himself".

Fans theorise that this champion is Elemer of Briar, who comes from the long-vanished country of Eochaid. This theory fits all the pieces of lore found in the items, though the Brick Hammer has led some to believe that the hero might be Hewg, the trusty blacksmith at the Roundtable Hold.

However, the theory I think most fits is Engvall, the Banished Knight, who we actually summon with Spirit Ashes. He's described as "a hero of the fringes". But, hey, I am no Lands Between archaeologist so feel free to go out there and make your own guesses. It's a great excuse to jump back into the Game.

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