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Elden Ring Fans Are Trying To Figure Out How Crystal Torrent Is The Second Most-Cast Spell




Earlier this week, Bandai Namco revealed an infographic that confirmed ten Elden Ring players die to Malenia every second. At least, that’s what we could work on mathematically by learning there have been 329 million attempts on Malenia and the vast majority of them resulted in failure.

Besides learning what bosses are the hardest and what kills Tarnished the most, we also learned what spells are the most popular among mages. Turns out, Rock Sling topped the list as the most cast spell, which makes total sense. It's got good range, does efficient damage for the MP cost, and deals physical damage instead of magic damage for all those magic-resistant enemies. But the second most-cast spell is a bit of a head-scratcher because nobody seems to use it.


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According to Bandai Namco, Crystal Torrent is the second most-cast spell. However, Tarnished on the Elden Ring subreddit don't believe it because so few players report ever using it. "Crystal Torrent is apparently the number two all-time used Elden Ring spell, but I've literally never seen anyone talk about or use it," noted Reddit user Pethris. "Do any of you actually use it, and if so why?"

A few Tarnished responded to say they'd used Crystal Torrent, but the vast majority said that they switched to Comet Azur or a higher-damage spell as soon as they could. "Even if it's a poor man's Comet Azur, and it's decent with a proper build, the idea that it could somehow be runner-up for The Most Popular Spell is honestly baffling," Pethris added.

The answer may be in how Crystal Torrent works and how data was collected for Bandai's infographic. Crystal Torrent fires off dozens of tiny crystal shards per second, with each one counting as its own separate projectile that can deal damage. As noted by user EbdanianTennis, it's possible that Bandai's numbers are counting each projectile as a separate "cast" of Crystal Torrent, greatly skewing its numbers upward.

But if that were true, you'd think that spells like Comet Azure and Meteorite--two far stronger spells that also deal tic damage--would have been popular enough to break into the top five spells.

Perhaps Bandai Namco will offer an explanation at a later date, or maybe the magic-inclined Tarnished in the room should give Crystal Torrent a second look.

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