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Elden Ring Fans Are Confused About Why Rennala is So Big




Every boss you fight in Elden Ring is huge. Even the very first Godrick Soldier you take down in the Stranded Graveyard is like eight feet tall. There are a few human-sized Tarnished you'll have to fight either as an invader or in Evergaols, but by and large, you're the smallest thing with a sword in the Lands Between.

Which is fine; you're a Tarnished of no renown, after all. But there are some bosses in Elden Ring that are just inexplicably huge, and Rennala is chief among them. She's supposed to be a regular old human--one with phenomenal cosmic power from a lifetime of studying the stars, but she's still just a person. And yet when you fight her, she's easily twice your size, with unnaturally long arms and a neck that'd make a giraffe blush.

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"Why is Rennala so giant? Reddit user MeowNugget asks. "I get gods/demi-gods being huge, but isn't she just a human who uses magic (albeit, royal)? Is there lore for her being huge?"

In terms of lore, the best explanation comes from user Black-Mettle, who reminds us that Rennala was given the Rune of Rebirth from Radagon when they went through a messy divorce. However, if the Rune of Rebirth causes unnatural growth in humans, this would imply that Rennala was normal-sized during her marriage with Radagon (who as we know from the end of Elden Ring, was pretty big himself).

I'd like to propose a second possible reason, however. The architecture of Raya Lucaria Academy is generally larger than what a normal-sized human would need, which implies Rennala was always pretty big (Ranni's body at the top of the tower is also fairly large). Various in-Game lore entries explain the ancient Astrologers were once neighbors to the giants at Mountaintop of the Giants, so it's possible there might have been a little… commingling, shall we say.

But I think it's important to remember a point well-made by user Phunkie_Junkie: "There's a recurring theme in Souls Games that size = power. It's not 100% of course, but it's the main reason why all of the architecture in the Games is too big for you. The oppressive environment is a subtle reminder that you are meddling with things beyond your ken."

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