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Elden Ring Fan Draws Favorite Simpsons Scenes Starring Demigods And Tarnished




When you think about it for a second, The Simpsons have a lot in common with Elden Ring. They're both largely about a dysfunctional family that is constantly at each other's throats as the mother figure tries to play peacemaker. And when that mother disappears, they all go at it like rabid Animals. Really, George R. R. Martin probably just watched a bunch of Simpson's episodes when he was writing Elden Ring's lore.

So it comes as little surprise to me that when one talented artist decided to remake various scenes from The Simpsons using Elden Ring characters it all worked out pretty well.

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Each episode being referenced is helpfully marked at the bottom of the page, and since most of them are so old, you can usually find examples of them on YouTube if you don't get it. For example, here's the rag on a stick scene for you. It's still funny even 18 years later.

Elden Ring Simpsons Knifey Spoony - via squishybo
via squishybo on Reddit
Elden Ring Simpsons Knifey Spoony

And because I'm the kinda guy who still laughs at classic Simpsons scenes, here's the rest of them in the order squishybo draws has them for their post on the Elden Ring subreddit.

  • Witness protection program
  • "Oh yeah"
  • "Food-crazed maniac"
  • "Knifey Spoony"
  • "Pretty standard stunt"
  • "Hate-filled man"
  • "Meow meow meow meow"
  • "Heybartyouwantsomebrowniebeforebed?"
  • "They're literally stewing in their own juices!"

I know that's a bit like explaining the joke, but honestly? They're both funny even without explanation. And now you know exactly where squishybo changed lines to be an Elden Ring reference. Or in the case of the seventh comic, how there was absolutely no need to change the original Simpsons lines.

Elden Ring Simpsons Rag on a Stick - via squishybo
via squishybo on Reddit
Elden Ring Simpsons Rag on a Stick 

Dive into the replies and you'll get even more Simpsons dialog remastered for the Lands Between, including this delightful exchange that riffs on Bart's prank calls to Moe's Tavern.

Now that we're celebrating Elden Ring's first anniversary, players are discussing how much the Game has evolved since its launch. Remember that wall you could hit 50 times and it would disappear? Or how the Great Turtle Shell had perfect physical resistance? Or how Radahn would yolo himself off a cliff if you positioned yourself right? Ah, those were the days. Just imagine how much the Game will change again after the rumored DLC finally arrives.

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