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Elden Ring Fan Creates "Nuzlocke Challenge" Inspired by Pokemon




If you’re even passingly interested in Pokemon, you’ve probably heard of something called a "Nuzlocke" run. It’s a hardcore-style challenge run where Pokemon that faint are considered "dead" and have to be released. There are a lot of other rules that go along with it, but the challenge mostly revolves around keeping your little monsters alive so you don’t lose them. And now you can bring that same mentality to your next run through Elden Ring.

Over on the Elden Ring subreddit, user CyrineBelmont has come up with their own challenge run inspired by Pokemon's Nuzlocke rules. Only instead of not being able to use a Pokemon after it dies, you're not allowed to use the same spells or weapons after you die. Those spells and/or weapons are considered "lost" if you perish and can never be used again.

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And before you ask, no, you're not allowed to just go out and buy a dozen longswords to use a second one after you drop your first. Instead, you'll have to go from longsword to straight sword to Lordsworn's straight sword. The challenge here is that it forces you to mix up your play style as well as carefully consider what weapons you want to bring into challenging boss fights as there's a very good chance you could lose it forever.

CyrineBelmont didn't mention anything about spirit summons, but given their adjacency to Pokemon and how this is a Nuzlocke-inspired run, we can only assume that any spirits used in the fight are also lost alongside weapons and spells if you die.

As one Tarnished noted, resource scarcity for upgrade materials can make an Elden Ring Nuzlocke run especially difficult. Until you start unlocking bell bearings, there's only so many smithing stones to go around, so it's entirely possible to lose all a few highly-upgraded weapons and then run out of smithing stones to upgrade any new ones. Much like Pokemon players, Tarnished will have to be very careful in this Elden Ring Nuzlocke to avoid a "dead run."

Then again, it’s entirely possible to beat Elden Ring at level one with base weapons, so maybe this concern is unwarranted. Just git gud, as they say.

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