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Ed Boon Shoots Down Pitch To Put The Last Of Us' Ellie In Mortal Kombat 12




Mortal Kombat 12 got a very low-key announcement last month during a Warner Bros. Discovery earnings call. Still nothing on what to expect from the Game from NetherRealm, but if you thought it might get some sort of The Last Of Us crossover after Mortal Komat 2 appeared in the show, Ed Boon has got some bad news.

Well, at least for Ellie fans. Actually, Ellie fans might be glad to see Boon's reaction to a suggestion she appears in Mortal Kombat. Boon has clearly been as engrossed in HBO's adaptation of Ellie and Joel's journey as the rest of us, tweeting about it a lot during the finale.

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That prompted one follower to ask if Boon would like to make Ellie a part of the Mortal Kombat 12 roster. “NOPE. I don’t want to see fatalities on her,” Boon replied. Those of us who have played the Games will have experienced that enough already, every time we're Ellie and a clicker gets a hold of us.

After shooting down the idea of Ellie in NetherRealm's next game, Boon quickly joked that he isn't supposed to be talking about Mortal Kombat 12 yet. Again, the only official mention of the game so far has been through an earnings call. It isn't the first time Boon has essentially confirmed it's in the works on Twitter without explicitly saying so, though. The MK creator suggested someone make a John Wick game, citing that his own studio was too busy with something else to work on a project that big right now.

The Mortal Kombat 12 rumors have been circulating since 2021. Since a number of big-time characters from other series have made appearances in previous Games, it's likely others will be in the next installment. Fans have already been making wishlists regarding who they would like to see. The Last Of Us is a big deal right now, so if not Ellie, maybe Joel can be in the Game. His fatality could be popping someone's kneecap off with a pocket knife.

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