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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Free Update With Cell Max Raid Arrives March 23




We found out last week that Bandai Namco isn't done with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 quite yet. Following the success of last year's Hero of Justice Pack, Xenoverse 2 will receive a second DLC pack with Orange Piccolo later this year. We were also told that a free update would bring Cell Max from the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie as a new raid boss.

Today, Bandai Namco has confirmed that the free update with Cell Max will arrive on March 23 along with a bunch of other goodies for Dragon Ball fans. Three new Raid Quests will be added alongside the new Cell Max raid, as well as five new Super Souls that'll hopefully make that raid a little easier. The new Awoken Skill: Beast will be available for custom characters as well. On the cosmetic side will be the Cell Max Suit and one other costume that has yet to be announced, as well as seven CC mascots and a whopping 51 new loading screen pictures.


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We also got a surprise announcement for from today's trailer regarding the Hero of Justice Pack 2. Besides the "Potential Unleashed" form of Piccolo, Pack 2 will also bring his "Power Awakening" form as well. This is a sort of intermediate step between regular old green Piccolo and Orange Piccolo, which naturally gives him a yellow-ish hue. But otherwise, he seems to be a slightly more powerful Piccolo, stretchy arms and all.

There's also going to be a third character coming in Justice Pack 2 that will definitely not be another form of Piccolo. It's hard to tell just from the outline, but it sure looks like it'll be someone with some wild hair, which doesn't really narrow it down in the Dragon Ball universe.

We still don’t know when Justice Pack 2 will arrive, but the free update for Xenoverse 2 will drop sometime on Thursday.

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