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Doom 4 Concept Video From 2012 Leaks, Shows A Greater Focus On Horror




A concept video for the 2012 version of Doom 4 (before it turned into the 2016's Doom we all know and love) has leaked and shows a much greater focus on horror, akin to Doom 3.

Following the release of Doom 3 in 2004, Bethesda confirmed a few years later in 2007 that it was making a fourth Game in the series, aptly titled Doom 4. From 2007 until 2013, Doom 4 went through several delays and design changes, initially starting out as a more cinematic and linear horror shooter, and eventually getting the big shakeup to turn it into the beloved 2016 reboot.

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Videos of Doom 4 have previously leaked out, giving us a good idea of what sort of approach it was taking, but a new one has just popped up and gives us one of our best looks at the cancelled project yet. The footage, which was found by Twitter user VideoGameArch, was reportedly shown at a 2012 id Software Christmas presentation, because what would the holidays be without immense body horror and gore?


The trailer, which is just over 30 seconds long, starts by showing several mutants running around in the dark and screaming, along with some more humanoid enemies that look like they're growing out of the walls. We then see the player using a chainsaw against a glowing enemy to split it in half, before seeing even more body horror from two enemies who appear to be bosses. The trailer then ends by showing the shotgun in action and the player punching a bunch of enemies before the Game's logo pops up.

It's only a small bit of footage, but it's probably our best look yet at Doom 4, as the footage here is cut together like a teaser trailer. Although it's very different to the Doom we got in 2016, there are some remnants of its identity in there, which makes sense considering this would have been right before it got reshuffled into the 2016 version of the Game.

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