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Doctor Who's Amy And Rory Appear In Gas Station Simulator Ads For Some Reason




When you think Amy Pond, you probably don't think of her standing in an American gas station buying a bag of vaguely labelled "potato chips" and beer, with her husband trailing behind in the queue. But that's where she is in her latest (definitely Doctor Who canon) appearance, thanks to a bizarre Gas Station Mechanic Simulator TikTok ad.

This was shared by Matthew (or @DiscipleOfBrad) on Twitter. They shared two screenshots showing Amy with her arms crossed, patiently waiting for the cashier - who appears to be you - to sort her basket out. She has cereal bars, snacks, orange juice, potato chips, and beer. Maybe this is post-Silencio and she's grieving the Doctor's 'death'.


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Weirdly enough, Rory is fifth in line, not standing with his wife. And he looks dead inside, his empty eyes glaring forward. It's unclear why they're in this ad, but in all likelihood, they were ripped from the old 11th Doctor adventure Games without permission (unless the BBC is licensing out old models for random mobile ads on TikTok).

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games were an episodic extension of the show, specifically the 11th Doctor era, developed by Sumo Digital (which worked on Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Crackdown 3). It spanned two series, with stories such as City of the Daleks, Blood of the Cybermen, and Shadows of the Vashta Nerada. However, you can't play them anymore, since they were all taken off Steam and the BBC website, and if you do manage to get a copy via means, you may get an anti-piracy block (despite them having been free-to-play).

Regardless, taking a look at the ad next to the Game, the model for Amy Pond looks strikingly similar, as you can see below. So, while you can't play the Games anymore, they live on, kind of. Only instead of Daleks and Cybermen, Amy is contending with queuing and shopping.

Ripping The Doctor's model to use might have been more blatant, but stick an ad featuring Amy Pond on TikTok and it will make its way to Doctor Who fans - there are a lot of us there. And of course, they noticed - they even noticed Rory whose inclusion is far more subtle.

If you fancy trying to make all this fit with the TV show - which is what you're definitely doing, not scratching your head and saying, "Huh, weird" and moving on with your day - then you can pretend that this is one of the leftovers of Amy's modelling career before she got zapped back to 1930s New York City.

The only flaw with this theory is that TikTok wasn't around when she was modelling. Timey wimey, it works.

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