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Disney Lorcana Second Set Release Date Confirmed, Launches November 17




Earlier this month, a potential release date for Disney Lorcana's second set leaked via Dutch distributor Boosterbox, suggesting that we'd see the set launch in local Game stores on December 1 later this year. Well, it turns out that this date was off by a couple of weeks, as it's now been confirmed by Disney and publisher Ravensburger that the second set will actually be launching on November 17 in specialist/hobby shops in the United States, with a wider retail release taking place on December 1.

With the release date of the second set firmly in place, that means we'll be getting two expansions in the space of three months, as the first set is still scheduled to launch on August 18 later this year. It's already been confirmed that Lorcana will have a similar release schedule to both Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon, with four new expansions launching every year, so it's possible we could see Lorcana's third and fourth set release in a similar time frame.

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Besides the confirmed release date of the second set, we also got confirmed pricing information for all of Lorcana's launch lineup. Standard booster packs will set you back $5.99 USD/£4.99 GBP, while Starter Decks will cost $16.99 USD/£17.99 GBP. Gift sets are a little bit pricier at $29.99 USD/£27.99 GBP, and if you want to go all in on Lorcana, the Illumineer's Trove will set you back $49.99 USD/£49.99 GBP, but it does include a nifty player's guide that features deckbuilding tips and strategies.

Sorcerer Mickey Lorcana

Even though Disney Lorcana's release is only a handful of months away, we still don't know much about how it will play. We do know a whole bunch about the story though, as Disney Lorcana's narrative lead recently sat down with TheGamer to answer all of our burning questions. You can read the full interview here, but you can also check out everything you need to know about Lorcana before it launches here if you want to get yourself up to speed.

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