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Disney Lorcana Distributor Claims Second Set Will Launch December 1




We know that Disney Lorcana will arrive on August 18. We know that the initial set will be full of traditional Disney characters, there will be standard 24-booster boxes, and three themed starter decks. We also know that we’ll have a Gameplay reveal later this spring, and after Lorcana launches in late summer, we can expect four major expansions every 12-month period. That means we’re likely going to receive the first Lorcana expansion before the end of the year.

Ah, but when you ask? Well, that might have just been revealed by Lorcana’s Dutch distributor.

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Lorcana will be distributed in the Netherlands by Boosterbox, a Game publisher of some renown in Europe. Boosterbox said that Lorcana will launch at local Game stores on August 18 (same as the US) and will have a "solid organized play program." It'll also have a wider rollout at larger, non-specialized retailers on September 1. After that, Boosterbox said it plans to release Lorcana's first expansion set on December 1, 2023, with pre-release events starting November 18. Then in 2024, we can expect expansions in March, June, and September.


We should take this announcement with a grain of salt, however. Neither Disney nor developer Ravensburger has released an expansion schedule yet, and while they have set expectations for four expansions per year, Boosterbox may just be guesstimating a release schedule that would make sense. Further, the top comment on the Lorcana subreddit says that this info has yet to be confirmed.

For those a little out of the loop, Disney Lorcana is an upcoming trading card Game from Disney and Ravensburger. Think Magic: The Gathering, but with six colors instead of five, and Disney characters instead of your standard assortment of fantasy tropes (although Lorcana will have its fair share of wizards, witches, and dragons, they're all much more heavily copyrighted). The Game seems to have somewhat simpler rules than other trading card Games, which hints that it's probably being targeted at a younger audience.

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