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Discord To Receive ChatGPT Integration




ChatGPT is a fascinating new technological development. An artificial intelligence that can understand context, intent, and even imagination, ChatGPT can power your next D&D session or help create an AI-written sitcom about nothing. It’s not perfect, and people have found ways to get around its moderation programming, but ChatGPT is undeniably a massive leap forward for chatbot AI. And pretty soon, you’ll be able to play around with ChatGPT in Discord.

Today, Discord has announced ChatGPT will be integrated into servers across its platforms "soon." Discord is calling its iteration of ChatGPT "Clyde," and you'll be able to speak to Clyde from anywhere simply by using the "@" like you would any other user.


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Clyde will be able to answer questions, hold extended conversations, and even bring back images and gifs from around the web to further enhance your treatise on why the old merchant from Resident Evil 4 is irreplaceable.

Clyde Discord Example
via Discord

In addition to Clyde, Discord will soon use similar artificial intelligence tech to upgrade its Automod tool. Discord servers can already use Automod to make rules, barring certain words or topics from discussion, but the new and improved Automod will use AI to cut down on false positives as well as people trying to skirt the rules (such as replacing letters with symbols for banned words). Discord said that Automod AI can even interpret the "context" of a conversation to see if it adheres to server rules.

Automod arrives in servers today, while Clyde could be here as early as next week according to PC Gamer. Another AI-powered tool coming next week is Conversation Summaries, which will summarize recent conversations down to a handy TLDR.

Discord also gave us a brief preview of some of the other topics it's working on, including a collaborative whiteboard app that turns sketches into AI-generated art, a bot that can take prompts and change user avatars, and another AI chatbot called Judy that can help college and high school students study. For more, check out Discord’s blog entry here.

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