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Did Prince ever perform at the Super Bowl and when was it?




The stage was shaped like the symbol that replaced his name and 140 million TV viewers saw Prince perform live at Super Bowl XLI. According to Billboard magazine, it was the greatest Super Bowl performance ever and few could disagree with that bold statement.

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What year did Prince perform at the Super Bowl?

The greatest Super Bowl Halftime Show took place in Miami, Florida on Feb. 4, 2007. The Indianapolis Colts beat the Chicago Bears that year 29 - 17, but we’re here to talk about music, not Football. The Pepsi-sponsored halftime show saw one of the best musicians in the world at the time put on a performance during a downpour, which just added more mystique to the legendary show.

Prince played for 12 minutes and delighted the fans at the stadium and on TV with “We Will Rock You” then he continued with “Let’s Go Crazy” ande he continued to play a medley of his songs along with the Florida A&M Marching Band: “Baby I’m a Star,” “1999,” and “Proud Mary,” the Creedance Cleerwater Revival hit.

Another medley came after that one with a performance of “All along the watchtower” and “Best of You” by the Foo Fighters. He finished the gig with his most famous song “Purple Rain.”