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Diablo 4 Players Are Complaining About Repetitive Dungeon Layouts




Diablo 4 fans were given a taste of what's to come with the Game's recently released beta over the weekend, though quite a few fans didn't like what they saw, specifically calling out the Game's dungeons and how rePetitive their layouts seems. Blizzard revealed shortly before the Game's beta that dungeons would be procedurally generated like in Diablo 3 in an effort to make the Game far more replayable, though a fair few fans have noticed that they don't seem to differ very much at all.

The issue was first raised on the Diablo 4 subreddit by u/Malefic_Mike, who posted a lengthy rant criticising Blizzard and detailing their frustration with dungeon layouts. They claim that out of the nine dungeons they completed before making the post, they saw the exact same dungeon layout three times, explaining that this hurts the Game's sense of "exploration or discovery". They also say the same thing was an issue in Diablo 3, and that Blizzard has refused to learn their lesson from previous backlash.

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It's made even more apparent in a separate post by u/Hanseshadow, who also feels like the dungeons are repetitive and predictable. Unlike the previous post though, u/Hanseshadow has gathered up some proof. It's difficult to argue with the repetition claims when you see the nine layouts that they've compiled, each one featuring the same diamond layout with one or two different short dead ends to tell them apart. They also criticise the layout for being predictable, as you'll often find the boss in the middle and that you always start at the bottom of the map.

Obviously, Diablo 4 is still in its beta phase - something which devs have been keen to point out to those criticising the Game's current state - so there's every chance that this is something Blizzard will work on before release in June. However, its yet another issue that has appeared that has disheartened Diablo fans, who will have their fingers crossed that Blizzard uses the time between now and launch to act on these criticisms.

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