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Diablo 4 Player Solos World Boss Ashava In Hardcore Mode




Diablo 4's second beta weekend has come to an end and some of you talented lot have already been pulling off some pretty remarkable feats. Perhaps none quite as remarkable as a streamer who unintentionally solo'd the World Boss Ashava. Or at least they would have had a Necromancer not wandered in to steal the kill after ten minutes of incredibly hard work.

Streamer wudijo was live when Ashava spawned, a World Boss that has been designed to take on a party of 12. Suffice to say, if you stumble upon the dragon alone, you're probably not going to live to tell the tale. Unless you're wudijo who used their very impressive build to dash around Ashava and deal massive damage with almost every blow.


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The World Boss had so little Health left after wudijo had used ten of their allotted 15 minutes to beat it that it was almost impossible to see the slither of it that remained. That's when a Necromancer decided to join the party, skeletons in tow, and finish the job. Not only did they steal what would have been something wudijo could brag about from now until launch and beyond from right under the streamer's nose, but they also proceeded to pick up some of the loot dropped by the defeated dragon.

While most of us would have taken the almost-win at that point and gone about the rest of our Diablo day, wudijo decided to have another go at taking down Ashava alone. Again, a Necromancer came waltzing in even though nobody asked, helping out a lot earlier in the battle the second time around. Just bear in mind if you plan on trying to solo a World Boss, do it quickly as Necromancers are lurking and want to steal your thunder.

Both of Diablo 4's beta weekends have been plagued with queue issues. Long ones the first time around, and then players reportedly being kicked after waiting for extended periods of time this past weekend. Many of you are also asking Blizzard to make the next Diablo Game playable offline after taking it for a spin the past two weekends.

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