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Diablo 4 Beta Goes Live, Queue Times Up To Two Hours




So far, the Diablo 4 early access beta isn't going particularly well. Players are reporting long waits just to play the Game, and even if they do manage to log in, they're either booted from the server or the Game crashes, sending them back to another two-hour-long wait.

Diablo 4's open beta begins on March 24, but those who pre-ordered the Game or purchased an abysmally unHealthy sandwich from KFC can get into this weekend's early access beta. However, reports are coming in from across social media that you might want to give this beta a pass.

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The chief complaint with the early access beta is long waits just to log in. User HilltopHood over on the Diablo subreddit reported a wait time of 41 minutes after briefly being able to experience the Game but was kicked soon after creating their character. "When your queue time is up, it takes a couple extra minutes to get in," they said exactly 41 minutes later. "Do not back out."

Twitch streamer and cosplayer Cahlaflour is holding a competition on Twitter for who can beat her Diablo 4 queue time. She reported a wait of 132 minutes just over two hours, and she's finally managed to reach the character creation stage as of the time of this writing. However, repeated attempts to actually start the game have come back with repeated server timeouts.

Players are frequently reporting issues even if they wait through the long login queue. Many say they can only play for a short while before being kicked and sent back into login hell, raising the specter of Diablo 3’s disastrous launch over a decade ago.

And even if you manage to avoid the server issues, this beta has other problems. There are multiple reports of a massive memory leak that's eating up everyone's RAM on PC and crashing their systems. Others report their characters are disappearing even after successfully creating them and playing the game for over an hour.

There's not much to be done other than grin and bear it. Beta tests can be rough, and Diablo 4 still has several months of development time left before it releases in June.

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