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Diablo 4 Beta Brings Back An OP Butcher To Terrorize Players




Diablo 4's beta test has finally given players the dark and dreary feeling that was apparently missing in the third installment. The upcoming title is touted as a return to form for the series, despite feeling radically different in terms of Gameplay. With the mostly positive response that the beta has received, fans will be waiting for the final launch. However, while many were struggling to simply get into the beta, those who managed had an old enemy to worry about.

The Butcher is one of the most terrifyingly grotesque bosses that the Diablo series has introduced. He's a hulking beast, armed with a cleaver and a hook to pull you in if you get too far. As pointed out by PCGamesN, he made his first appearance in the original Diablo, and has since made his way to Diablo 3 and Immortal as well.


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His latest incarnation though seems to be the most horrific, as he has been slaughtering players in the beta. This time, The Butcher seems much more powerful than he ever was and, unfortunately, appears via a random spawn as well, so it's hard to prepare yourself for the fight, making it all the more terrifying.

"The Butcher randomly spawning in a dungeon with a million hp and chasing me at a speed faster than i can run and killing me in three hits was pretty funny Diablo 4, I'll give you that, Tweeted emily.

"I found The Butcher in the Diablo 4 Beta and he KICKED my ass. Then he just left. What a jerk. No salty run back or anything," complained DJwasHERE66.

The Butcher might currently be the toughest boss in the beta, however that might change when the Game finally launches. The boss seems to perform exactly how the devs want him to, as they posted a cheeky Tweet saying, "Apologies to all butchered during the Beta. But it will happen again. And again. And again."

Fans will be looking forward to returning the favour and farming the boss during the final launch, once they've got the adequate gear and skill. Who knows, maybe The Butcher will get an upgrade too.

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