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Destiny 2 Players Call On Bungie To Fix Year-Long Frame Rate Problem




Like other live-service Games, Destiny 2 can be privy to Game-breaking bugs and glitches that disrupt the Gameplay from time to time. However, a frame rate issue has been bothering players for over a year, and the community is now demanding an explanation for it.

A bizarre issue came to light last year when players took higher damage at higher frame rates. This was discovered when Scorn snipers were able to deal excessive damage in a single shot at 60fps, but would deal lower damage at 30fps. Bungie acknowledged this and deployed a temporary fix for it back then, but it seems that there is a deeper frame rate problem to be fixed as the Lightfall expansion has several instances of frame rates disrupting activities.

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A post by u/rsb_david on the Destiny subreddit lists the current frame rate issues in Destiny 2, and how Bungie’s last update on the subject was over a year ago. At the moment, Threshers, Orge Beams, and Colossus Miniguns deal more damage to players at higher frame rates compared to those playing at lower frame rates. A different post in the subreddit compared the damage numbers at 30 and 60fps, and the results proved that there is indeed a deep-rooted problem here.

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Apart from players taking more damage at higher fps, it is also affecting Game physics. For instance, the second encounter of the new Root of Nightmares raid requires players to be pushed across platforms. If you’re playing at 60fps, there is a possibility you might be thrown away significantly faster, which increases the risk of you crashing into a wall and dying. Apart from this, there are several other issues tied to frame rates that players have complained about since Lightfall launched.

The former Destiny 2 community manager addressed this issue last year and assured that the team was still investigating it, but it seems to have gotten worse since then. The Lightfall expansion was also a buggy mess, but this fps issue should be a priority for Bungie while it aims to fix other persistent issues in the Game

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