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Destiny 2: Lightfall Will Sideline Two Subclasses With New Passive Artifact And Players Aren't Happy




Destiny 2 is changing things up for Lightfall with new seasonal damage types. That’s not what they’re calling it, but that’s what Guardians are saying the new seasonal artifact and new “surges” and “overcharges” amount to, and they’re not exactly happy about it.

We’ll start with the good news first. Yesterday, Bungie announced the new artifact coming in Season of Defiance will not provide Guardians with armor mods that need to be slotted and instead will provide them with passive bonuses that are just always on. You’ll still need to select which bonus you want active, with 12 bonuses unlockable at a time, but you can reset your artifact for free as often as you like. That’s great.

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However, the new artifact really only provides benefits for three of Destiny 2’s subclass elements, those being Solar, Void, and the new Strand subclass coming with Lightfall. The second column of the artifact has several passive bonuses that reduce the energy cost of slotting mods that deal with Solar, Void, and Strand damage, while other mods like Solar Surge, Volatile Flow, and Untangler will provide bonuses for using Solar, Void, and Strand subclasses.

After seeing the artifacts and surges
by u/Heavy-Juggernaut9701 in destiny2

That would be enough on its own to heavily discourage Guardians from using Arc or Stasis, but there's also the new "surge" modifier for Destiny content. Surges are sort of like the elemental burns of yesteryear, but will instead provide a solely beneficial 25 percent damage boost for using the surging damage type. Bungie confirmed that Season of Defiance will only feature Solar, Void, and Strand surges, so there's going to be little reason to run an Arc or Stasis subclass throughout the next season.

We can theorize that Bungie is just narrowing down the playing field for Season of Defiance as it gathers data with all these new changes to the sandbox. Future seasons could very well feature all five subclasses in the seasonal artifact and all five damage types as surges. But for now, it's just going to be three, and some Arc and Stasis mains aren't taking it well.

It should be noted that just because Arc and Stasis won’t be a surge or have any artifact passives doesn’t mean you can’t play them at all, but it does mean high-level content will be much harder. Maybe that’s something that interests you, but me personally? I need all the help I can get.

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