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Destiny 2: Lightfall Gives Guardian Queens High Heels




There’s a lot of great new content in Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion. There’s a new planet to explore, new NPCs to meet and fawn over, and of course, an entire expansion’s worth of loot to collect. There’s Exotics guns, Legendaries engrams, and all sorts of armor to collect and harness for your own unique aesthetic. And for the first time, Guardians can now obtain something they’ve never been able to wear before: high heels.

The Unyielding Favor Strides for Destiny 2's Hunter class are unequivocally, undeniably, heels. Most Hunter leg armor falls under either the two categories of cowboy or combat boots, but these Unyielding Favor Strides will let Hunters defeat the darkness while keeping their backs straight and hips perked. Even the extra bits surrounding the calves have a passing resemblance to knee-high boots which just screams "yas queen."

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This revelation has not gone unnoticed on the Destiny 2 Fashion subreddit, your one-stop shop for the latest and greatest in Destiny vogue. Reddit user Hairygull placed a particular shader that really makes the armor pop with a red leather look that will look just as good on the runway as it will in The Tower.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Unyielding Favor Strides
via Bungie

"When the vanguard asks you to slay the witness but doesn’t specify how," reads the highly appropriate top comment.

Hunters aren't the only ones with more feminine footwear. Warlocks also have somewhat lesser heels with the Unyielding Favor Boots. It's a look that acknowledges style but also the extreme difficulty of running around Trostland on the balls of your feet for hours on end. Titans, however, received the standard-issue armored boots that they always get. It’s not that Titans don’t have fashion sense, it’s just that they don’t have any good options.

You can get the Unyielding Favor leg armors from the new Season of Defiance War Table and decoding the seasonal engrams.

Lightfall is also adding yet more representation to Destiny 2 with the franchise's first non-binary character. Unfortunately, not all Guardians are respecting Nimbus' pronouns.

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