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Destiny 2: Lightfall Drops To Mostly Negative On Steam As Guardians Criticize... Everything




Destiny 2: Lightfall has been out for just 45 hours, and the consensus among players is it's not great. Guardians are critical of pretty much everything from the new Strand subclass to Neomuna's size to the expansion's campaign making no sense and doesn't answer any of Destiny 2's outstanding questions. The player uproar has gotten so bad, in fact, that Lightfall now has a mostly negative review score on Steam.

The vast majority of Steam reviews (which sit at 28 percent as of the time of this writing) criticize Lightfall's story, which one user likened to having been "written by a 15-year-old girl on Wattpad." Another user summarized it best with: "All this build-up. Very underwhelming, Very unsatisfied."


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For more nuanced takes on Lightfall's story, we head to the Destiny 2 subreddit where Guardians have been picking the expansion apart like a mortician at an autopsy. Newcomer Nimbus received their fair share of lumps (thankfully without the transphobia this time), but a somewhat longer post goes into greater detail about everything wrong with Lightfall. I won't reproduce spoilers here, but let's just say there are a lot of unanswered questions that Lightfall does nothing to resolve, unlike last year's Witch Queen expansion.

Destiny 2 content creator and well-known "lore daddy" Byf also had negative things to say about Lightfall’s campaign in a 30-minute video posted to YouTube. "The campaign as far as Gameplay is concerned is bombastic and fun," Byf said, "but narratively, it misses HUGE opportunities and I cannot in good conScience recommend it at the very least to new players and potentially to returning players who are looking for a fantastic moment to jump back into Destiny's story."

It wasn't just the story that Guardians didn't like. Lightfall has no new Legendary weapon models, no new playlist armors, and the refreshed Arms Dealer and Lake of Shadows strikes have received failing grades. Plus, they don't have Cayde's voice lines anymore, which has alienated many of Destiny 2's oldest players.

And finally, there's the new Strand subclass. The hope with Strand was to offer Guardians high-octane action by zipping through the air, but with the newly reworked cooldowns, it's more like only the occasional Spider-Man thwip. Guardians also have once again criticized the slow trickle of Fragments for the new subclass, hearkening back to the uproar Stasis received in Beyond Light.

Bungie hasn't addressed Lightfall yet, but we might get word in today's This Week At Bungie update. On the plus side, Bungie has been pretty good about dealing with player feedback, and oh boy is there a lot of feedback for Lightfall.

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