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Destiny 2 Cheat Provider AimJunkies To Pay Bungie $4.4 Million




Bungie has once again won against Destiny 2 cheat manufacturers, being granted damages in the millions. In its most recent victory, it was awarded $4.4 million against a seller named AimJunkies, which is the second win in Bungie's crusade against cheaters.

Bungie originally kicked off its war on cheat manufacturers back in 2021 by suing three of them at once. Out of those, AimJunkies was seemingly the most difficult to take down as the court dismissed Bungie's claims against it due to a lack of evidence. Yet in the end, Bungie emerged victorious (via EuroGamer) and was awarded $4,396,222 in damages, which includes $738k in legal fees.

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This is the second big win for Bungie, following its first case against Elite Boss Tech, with the studio awarded $13.5 million in damages. This seemingly gave Bungie the confidence and momentum it needed to bring other cheaters down, and joined other developers in doing so.

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Interestingly, this comes after AimJunkies tried to countersue the Destiny developer. This didn't amount to anything, and the case was dismissed.

Bungie doesn't plan on stopping here, as it has already sued another cheat seller, LaviCheats. The studio is asking for $6.7 million, as it wants $2000 for each of the 2,790 times the software was downloaded from the website. However, the owner of LaviCheats isn't going down without a fight, as their response to the lawsuit was: "Bungie lawyers you can suck my nuts!". Given the juvenile response, they are likely to meet the same fate as the others, and will likely be shut down soon.

Taking down cheat makers is helping Bungie get two birds with one stone: It is bringing in money and is also doing away with cheat sellers. This, of course, could reduce toxicity and unrest in the Destiny community, especially in online play. A Bungie lawyer admitted that these lawsuits are good Business, so Bungie will likely not stop until all of these sellers are taken down. And with another win under its belt, it looks like this is a sound Business move.

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