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Destiny 2 Adds Non-Binary Character Nimbus, Fans Hate Them




Destiny 2: Lightfall is here with a new destination. The planet Neptune is home to Neomuna, an advanced human enclave that has remained hidden for centuries. It's also home to the Cloudstriders, defenders of Neomuna, and quick allies to the Guardians when they arrive to fight the Cabal.

One of the Cloud Striders Guardians we meet is Nimbus. Young and brash, Nimbus is the stereotypical newbie looking to prove themselves to the rest of the Cloud Striders. And as you may have noticed already, Nimbus is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. This bleeds into Nimbus' design, with their androgynous features and corset-style lower armor. It’s also been confirmed by Bungie as well as Nimbus' voice actor, Marin M. Miller, who shared a touching message on Twitter.


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However, not everyone is being respectful of Nimbus' non-binary identity. Several posts on Reddit criticizing Nuimbus’ dialogue (which some have labeled ‘Marvel cringe’) have resulted in Nimbus being mocked for being non-binary, others simply refused to use their pronouns, and a few threads even had to be locked by the Destiny 2 subreddit moderators.

Not every post has been locked by the moderators. One that asked Guardians to show Nimbus a little respect received nothing but transphobia in response. "Aint no way lmaooo," wrote one Redditor when asked to refer to Nimbus using they/them pronouns. Another replied, "Lmao. Da fuck is this shit??" Still others deliberately misgendered Nimbus as male, such as one Redditor who replied with: "He's a pretty cool dude."

Thankfully, not every Guardian over on the subreddit is misgendering Nimbus, and some appear to be ignorant rather than malicious. For those, hopefully, in-Game text and word-of-mouth will work to the contrary, leading to more people respecting Nimbus for being non-binary, and using their proper pronouns.

And while we're on the subject of Nimbus, I have it on good authority (via Bungie's PR department) that you can add two more Nimbus pronouns: "zaddy" and "your hotness."

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