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Dead Space Mod Turns The Original Into A First-Person Shooter




Surviving in a broken down space station is already terrifying enough, but now players can take on the Necromorphs aboard the USG Ishimura from a whole new perspective. The new mod for the original Dead Space known rather appropriately as Dead Space First Person has now taken the classic horror game to a whole new level by swapping out the tried, tested, and true third-person camera, turning the game into a first-person shooter.

Released earlier this week on Nexus Mods by a certain ReverseEngineeringGamer, Dead Space First Person has been rapidly gaining in popularity, rising to the attention of the Dead Space community and beyond. While the original Dead Space featured a HUD which allowed players to see their Health and other critical pieces of information at a glance, Dead Space First Person takes all of this away, putting players in a much more vulnerable position.


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Playing the classic horror game in a first-person perspective means forgoing the ability to perceive enemies approaching from behind and relying on little more than memory to keep track of your health, among other things. Dead Space First Person truly puts you into the shoes of protagonist Isaac Clarke.

According to ReverseEngineeringGamer, Dead Space First Person took about five days to create, at least for the most part. The mod of course required several months to really get right. ReverseEngineeringGamer had to work hard for a considerable amount of time in order to ensure that everything worked seamlessly. “The core of this mod took a little over five days to create,” ReverseEngineeringGamer mentioned. “The fine tuning of this mod is what took several months.”

ReverseEngineeringGamer had to “locate functions, compare variables, stabilize pointers, write bug free scripts,” and of course “playtest.” When it comes to the core concept of the mod, ReverseEngineeringGamer explained how Dead Space First Person was “initially started out of curiosity as to see what else I can do other than create a free camera and player fly mod for Dead Space,” but such experimentation “quickly grew into a first person mod project.”

“Admittedly, there were some frustrating times while making this mod, but overall, I had a lot of fun creating this project,” ReverseEngineeringGamer added. “I hope that you guys enjoy playing and using this mod as much as I had fun making it.”

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Dead Space First Person has been praised for its ability to raise the intensity of an already terrifying game. Dead Space is known for its jump scares and the first-person perspective only adds to the anxiety. The claustrophobic environment of the USG Ishimura becomes even more daunting.

The mod has been receiving extremely positive reviews from the Dead Space community, many players noting how Dead Space First Person adds a whole new level of immersion to their favorite Game. Some have reported feeling more vulnerable and terrified than ever before. “Thank you so much for this,” a player going by the name of WeirdOutWorld commented on Nexus Mods. “It's truly amazing. After the release of the remake, this mod has breathed new life to the original. Thank you for all of your hard work. It is appreciated far more than you know.”

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