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Dead Space Fans Discuss Whether They Want A Fourth Game Or Another Remake




Dead Space fans are discussing whether they'd want a remake of Dead Space 2 and 3, or if they'd rather Motive just skipped ahead and made a brand-new Game.

After the successful launch of the Dead Space remake, all that fans of the series can think about is when we're going to get more of Isaac Clarke and his Plasma Cutter. Thankfully, Motive has already confirmed that the studio is interested in working on the series some more after it takes a little break and finishes up work on its Iron Man Game.

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That raises a whole other question though - should Motive remake the next two games in the series, or should it just skip ahead and do something entirely new? That's exactly what Redditor Yoda-Bruh asked the rest of the Dead Space subreddit, and there are some surprising suggestions.


You might think that the most popular answer would be yes considering how beloved Dead Space 2 is, but the most upvoted comment on the thread comes from Redditor Recovery25 suggests that Dead Space 4 is the right move as the original still looks great compared to the first Game and also has most of the quality of life changes that the remake added, like zero-gravity flying.

There are some Dead Space fans who think that a remake of the second Game is a good idea though, as Jiggsteruno notes that it currently doesn't work very well on PC and would benefit from an upgraded version. ASValourous also suggests that, as great as Dead Space 2 looks now, they'd be interested to see how much better it can get.

One interesting idea comes from Redditor Benjidesu, who suggested that Motive remakes the second Game and then continues the story on from the end without skipping as much content as Dead Space 3 does. There are also some, like MrMooMoo91, who think that Dead Space3 should just be retconned or skipped altogether before we can think about Dead Space 4.

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