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Dead Island 2 Is "Around 20 Hours" Long




Dambuster Studios has confirmed that Dead Island 2 will take "around 20 hours to complete", provided the player completes some of the Game's side missions and "other activities".

After nearly a decade of waiting, we're just a month away from the release of Dead Island 2. If you've been patiently waiting for its release all those years, you might be wondering how big of an adventure you've got waiting for you in Hell-A. Although you might assume that all that time in the oven means that Dead Island 2 is going to be massive, an estimate of the Game's playtime from its art director has suggested that it's not going to eat up too much of your time.

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During an interview with Wccftech, Dead Island 2's art director, Adam Olsson, is asked for an estimate of how long Dead Island 2 is going to take to finish. Olsson responds by saying that, although he's not sure exactly how long it'll take, the current numbers suggest that most players will be able to beat the Game in "around 20 hours", provided that they take part in some of the Game's side activities.

Olsson said, "I don't know exactly. I think we do have guidance stating that if you take part in some secondary missions and other activities, the whole experience is around 20 hours". When pressed about that playtime including "some secondary missions and other activities", Olsson clarified that playtime estimate didn't include completing every side mission, so doing that will likely add a few more hours in.

It seems that "around 20 hours" doesn't consider the Game's collectibles, as Olsson mentioned them separately, noting that replaying the Game as a new character or playing online will also add to the overall length. For comparison's sake, How Long To Beat has the original Dead Island listed as taking around 18 hours to complete and 27 hours with all of the side missions included, which seems in line with what the sequel is aiming for.

Speaking of length and size, Olsson mentions elsewhere in the interview that Dambuster approached Dead Island 2 with a "quality over quantity" approach, which is why it doesn't go for an open-world structure and instead puts the focus on smaller "semi-open-world areas".

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