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Dead Island 2 Dev Says Remaking The Original Would Be "A Mistake"




Dead Island 2 developer doesn't think the original Game needs a modern remake like many other popular titles these days. In fact, Dambuster Studios says such an endeavour "might be a mistake" for the series, as the upcoming sequel will push the franchise far ahead.

Despite most studios today seeming to be obsessed with remaking their most successful Games, 2011's original Dead Island is not getting the same treatment anytime soon. The title launched all the way back on Xbox 360 and PS3 and, after years of waiting, fans are finally getting a full-fledged sequel this April. It appears the team behind the sequel, Dambuster Studios, has not considered resurrecting the original, believing it belongs in the past and won't bring any fresh perspective to the series.


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In a recent interview with The Loadout, Dead Island 2's creative director James Worrall was asked about whether fans should expect the return of the original in some form, and the answer was pretty straightforward. "No, and I think that might be a mistake because we've already decided to move the franchise on with Dead Island 2, and I think it was the right decision creatively to do that," Worrall said. "It's best to leave [the original] where it was – it did what it did."

Dead Island 2 Group Of Zombies Standing In Poison Cloud At Night

From the sound of it, Dambuster is very unlikely to tackle any refreshments for the first Game, and the devs feel "quietly confident" about the sequel. So far, early impressions of Dead Island 2 have been rather positive, so it seems the studio has found the right approach to the once-beloved formula. Earlier, the devs even admitted that the sequel's troubled development actually gave them "quite a lot of goodwill in the end."

Although we're apparently not going to be revisiting Banoi any time soon, it's worth noting that the original Dead Island and its sequel, Riptide, were previously remastered for PS4 and Xbox one in 2016 in as part of a definitive edition that brought the two together.

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