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DaVinci Center break-in, safety fears grow for seniors living with homeless encampment




There are two active homeless tent encampments at the DaVinci Center/Charles Place/West River area in Providence. They are located in back of the DaVinci Center, have been growing over the last few warmer weeks. City workers have been seen helping to pick up trash and keep the area overflowing into visible areas. Other tent and trash areas are in back of Charles Place, senior housing for 200+ elderly/disabled individuals. The seniors have expressed fear and anxiety, as well as concerns for the homeless individuals.

Charles Place senior housing with white roof, across from Lombardi St – north of that, the DaVinci center – north of that, Esek Hopkins Middle School. To the west, the wooded West River area, and Route 146

Last Saturday night, at 3:50am, the center was broken into, and the Providence Police Department apprehended the intruder and arrested him. It is likely he lived in one of the encampments. He had been released from the ACI the day before – for a previous B&E (Breaking and Entering) incident.

A source said there are needles & syringes in back of the DaVinci building, and in the bushes along the building, and provided these photos. There is a Middle School, Esek Hopkins, next to the Center building.

The West River where the encampment is was described as “an environmental mess”.

Next Tuesday at 4:30pm the DaVinci Center is hosting along with Councilman Justin Roias a 4th Ward Public Safety Conversation with the Providence Police Department and the Community. For more information about the DaVinci Center, go to: